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Whether you're upgrading from tabletop finishing equipment or raising the bar across a multi plant finishing platform, fixyourownbindery partnership with scalable solutions can optimize your investment.

now in its seventh year, is proof that the philosophy of tailoring your bindery needs with available surplus and pre-owned equipment vs the costly cradle-to-grave "new packages" from the equipment giants has been realized. FYOB utilizes experienced associates from some of the worlds largest printers and equipment manufacturers in the global print finishing industry.  FYOB offers bold, imaginative, equipment automation and training strategies utilizing your new, used, and surplus bindery equipment.

FYOB will target solutions attacking your specific process limitations or we can enhance your lines to ease in producing customer required complex gimmicks or custom niche products- always at the most competitive production line speeds possible.

While FYOB is prepared to exceed new OEM finishing solutions (in terms of Return-On-Investment price performance), including automatic format changes where possible, FYOB can also expertly advise semi-automatic and manual solutions for even the most unique budget and floor space challenges.

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